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3 Tips for Preparing to RV Camp With Your Kids October 3, 2019

Pinellas Park, Pinellas
3 Tips for Preparing to RV Camp With Your Kids, Pinellas Park, Florida

An RV trip is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your kids. Packing all the essentials is key to making the RV park feel like home. If you’re setting out on your first adventure with the whole family, use the following tips to help you properly prepare.

Your Guide to RVing With Kids

1. Bring Plenty of Cleaning Supplies

Kids are going to get dirty, especially if they’re playing outside. Make sure you pack plenty of cleaning supplies and keep plenty of wet wipes on hand. Plan to wipe up spills while you’re on the road. You may want to lay down a doormat at the RV site so they don’t track in dirt. It’s better to overpack than to not have what you need, so cover all your bases.

2. Pack Familiar Items

rv-park-st-petersburgYou don’t want your kids to get too homesick at the RV park, so pack some familiar items. Bring a favorite blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal for your children. If your children have superhero-themed sippy cups and plates, use these for meals. That way, your kids will have comfort items to retreat to.

3. Plan for a Rainy Day

Inclement weather is always a possibility, so plan for days inside the RV. Kids get bored quickly, so bring plenty of board games, movies, toys, and other activities. You’ll find that something as simple as a deck of cards can keep the whole family entertained for hours. This is also a fun time to teach your kids a new game or introduce a new hobby, like painting.


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