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3 Common DWI Mistakes October 10, 2019

Middletown, Orange
3 Common DWI Mistakes, Middletown, New York

If you find yourself facing charges for drinking and driving following a traffic stop, you should take care when considering your next actions. Violating DWI law is a serious offense that carries harsh penalties. However, if you avoid making critical mistakes that can jeopardize an otherwise strong defense, you’ll improve your chances of securing a satisfactory outcome. Below are three common mistakes you should avoid when dealing with a DWI charge. 

Missteps You Should Avoid When Facing DWI Charges 

1. Skipping Court Appearances 

DWI law is a subset of criminal law, and as a result, failing to appear in court will result in a bench warrant. This means that police will have the right to arrest you if they pull you over for committing a traffic infraction. Naturally, this will harm your chances of a positive legal outcome.  

2. Driving Without a Valid License 

DWI lawIf your license has been taken away, revoked, or suspended, you could be punished with up to a year in jail if found driving without a license. New York has an implied consent statute that allows an officer to administer a chemical test to assess BAC (blood alcohol content). If you refuse to take a chemical test, your license will automatically be suspended. Continuing to drive under these circumstances can only result in more serious consequences. 

3. Failing to Call an Attorney Right Away 

A DWI law attorney will not let police or the prosecutor violate your rights at any point in the proceedings. As such, it’s wise to call one as soon as possible following an arrest. Enlisting help from a seasoned lawyer from day one will ensure law enforcement personnel cannot pressure you into incriminating yourself. An attorney can also assist with pleading at the arrangement, posting bail, and devising a defense. 



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