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3 Water Well Maintenance Tips September 26, 2019

Monroe, Knox
3 Water Well Maintenance Tips, Monroe, Ohio

If you rely on a well to supply your home with clean, fresh water every day, then you know you should ensure that the unit operates properly. Without regular water well maintenance, your supply could be at risk of contamination. Here’s what you should do to make sure it remains in reliable shape.

How to Maintain Your Water Well

1. Chlorinate the Water

Contaminants in the water supply pose a serious safety threat to your family. By chlorinating the water at least once a year, you ensure that the water you consume and use for household chores isn’t polluted. Common problems to chlorinate for include coliform and E. coli bacteria, both of which cause stomach ailments and nausea.

2. Check the Cap

The well cap is designed to prevent Mount Vernon, OH water well maintenanceunwelcome pollutants from infesting your water. When you seal the cap tightly, it blocks everything from insects to bacteria from entering. But if the lid comes loose or suffers damage due to a severe weather event or another source, it will quickly provide a welcome gap for those contaminants to enter. For preventative water well maintenance, make a habit of checking the cap periodically.

3. Mind the Landscaping

You should not perform any landscaping in the vicinity of your well to protect it from possible contamination. The well should be at least 12 inches above the ground to prevent issues like runoff and pollutants from entering. Check the yard to make sure that there aren’t any low points that could serve as collector areas for rainwater. The rain has the potential to hold on to bacteria and other unwanted elements that could easily harm your supply. Finally, avoid using chemicals or herbicides in the vicinity of the well to prevent potential spills.


Offering over 50 years of experience, the professionals at Keen Well & Pump are committed to the safety and protection of your well. That’s why the company, based in Mount Vernon, OH, offers well repairs, water well maintenance, and complete well installation. They’re proud to serve clients throughout Central Ohio and will work closely with you to offer the most economical solution for your needs. Visit them online to find out more, or call them at (740) 397-7336 to arrange a free estimate.

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