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The Dos & Don’ts for Bed Bugs in Your Home September 23, 2019

Englewood, Montgomery
The Dos & Don’ts for Bed Bugs in Your Home, Englewood, Ohio

Discovering signs of bed bugs in your home is alarming. Although these persistent critters can cause problems, you shouldn’t panic. By taking the appropriate steps upon discovery, you can quickly put a stop to the problem and prevent it from occurring the future again. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts to help you navigate this pest problem.

How to Handle Bed Bugs at Home


Reduce the clutter.

Bed bugs love clutter because it provides them with a variety of excellent hiding spots. The more objects that are in your bedroom, the more likely an infestation is to grow out of sight. Clutter can even make it difficult for exterminators to treat effectively the problem. By clearing out the mess, you can essentially start afresh by tackling the problem and moving forward in a clean space.

Dayton, OH bed bugsProtect your mattress.

If you’re concerned that these unwanted bugs have made a home on your mattress, or you’re worried that they may migrate to it, invest in a full mattress cover. The best models will completely cover the entire mattress and box spring, and feature reinforced seams that prevent intrepid bugs from entering.  


Use chemical products.

Although there are many over-the-counter products that promise to eradicate bed bugs fully, it’s very unlikely that they will successfully tackle all of them. The problem is that infestations are typically widespread, which means that the bomb or fogger that you use isn’t capable of seeking out the insects that have taken refuge in more unlikely areas, like upholstery or in furniture. Only exterminators are fully equipped to handle this problem successfully.

Ignore the problem.

Maybe you spotted a small critter but aren’t sure if it’s actually a bed bug. Even if you don’t notice anything else, it’s best to have a professional take a look. Ignoring the problem will only serve to aggravate an existing bed bug problem so that when you finally do seek treatment, it will be more severe and difficult to manage.

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