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5 Top Factors That Influence Car Insurance Rates October 14, 2019

Rochester, Rochester, NY
5 Top Factors That Influence Car Insurance Rates, Rochester, New York

The cost of auto insurance varies considerably from person to person. Some pay only a few dollars per month, while others pay thousands per year. Below are some of the key factors that affect car insurance rates.

5 Things That Impact the Cost of Auto Insurance

1. The Make, Model, and Year of Your Car

These aspects normally have the largest impact on your car insurance expenses. Newer, more expensive cars cost more to repair or replace, so your insurer charges you more each month for their increased risk.

2. Your Personal Characteristics

Auto insurance in Rochester, NYAuto insurance companies have found that married women over age 25 are less likely to file a claim than men, singles, or young drivers. Married women are the least expensive to insure, while young, while single males are the most expensive.

3. Your Credit Rating

There’s a correlation between responsible credit use and safe driving habits. If you have a sketchy credit history that includes late payments, charge-offs, or bankruptcy, you will pay more for auto insurance.

4. Your Driving History

If you have engaged in risky on-the-road behavior in the past, you are more likely to do so again. Therefore, you will pay a premium if you have a lot of violations, especially reckless driving or DUIs, or if you have been in one or more accidents in the past three years.

5. The Number of Miles You Drive Per Year

The more you drive, the more risk you face. If you drive a lot, you'll pay more for coverage. The area in which you live and drive also affects your rates. More traffic typically indicates greater risk.


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