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What Happens During Booking? October 17, 2019

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What Happens During Booking?, ,

If someone you care about has been arrested, your first thought is probably getting them out of jail as soon as possible. Fortunately, in many cases you can post bail and secure their release the same day, but they will have to go through booking first. During this process, the police will record some vital information and do a record search before incarcerating or setting your loved one free.

The Booking Process Explained

Recording Information About the Arrest

The first step is collecting basic information, such as the suspect’s full name and the circumstances of their arrest. They’ll also use this information to find out whether the arrestee has any outstanding warrants.

Taking Mugshots

bailMugshot photos are one of the most widely known parts of the booking process. These pictures are used for identification purposes and also record the suspect’s general condition at the time of their arrest.

Taking Fingerprints & DNA Samples

Ink impressions of fingerprints serve as identifying information, but they’re also entered into a database which is accessible to other law enforcement agencies. In Connecticut, suspects charged with certain serious felonies may also have to give a DNA sample, which is taken through a painless cheek swab.

Clothing & Body Search

If the suspect has to wait for a bail hearing, the police will confiscate their clothing and personal effects, which will be returned when they’re released. They may also have to undergo a thorough physical search to ensure they’re not carrying any drugs or weapons into the jail.

Incarceration or Release

In most jails, you may post bail as soon as booking is completed, allowing your loved one to be released immediately. Otherwise, they’ll be given a cell where they’ll have to wait for their bail hearing.

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