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3 Benefits of Solitude & “Me" Time September 25, 2019

Richmond, Madison
3 Benefits of Solitude & “Me" Time, Richmond, Kentucky

Solitude is beneficial for introverts and extroverts alike. In this busy and connected world, it can be difficult to get time to yourself. That’s why you should prioritize planning time to be alone and focus on no one’s needs but your own in an outdoor venue. This type of self-care provides the following range of benefits.

Reasons to Prioritize “Me” Time

1. Unwind

Spending some time by yourself in an outdoor venue provides space to relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries. This is key to achieving a work-life balance and keeping stress at manageable levels. The result is improved mental health, and giving the brain a rest revitalizes the body and mind simultaneously.

2. Improve Problem-Solving

outdoor venueAll the distractions of modern-day life can make it difficult to solve problems. You can’t give a problem the attention and thought it deserves if you’re getting phone calls, distracted by social media, or getting interrupted by young children. Disconnecting in an outdoor venue gives the mind the time it needs to mull over whatever you’ve been worrying about. You may have a breakthrough and find the solution that’s been eluding you.

3. Refresh

Though it never stops working, the brain isn’t designed to be continually “on.” However, for many people, the demands of daily life intrude into their quiet time. The boss may require you to check emails and solve work issues outside of business hours, or you might come home to a family that requires full attention. This quickly leads to burnout, which reduces productivity and makes you irritable. Taking the time to reboot your brain leaves you ready to get back on track in the right mindset.


Jordan Hill Farm in Madison County, KY, is the perfect outdoor venue to get your fill of solitude. This 85-acre secluded countryside retreat offers getaway packages and tents in addition to their wedding venue. Reconnect with nature and yourself among the lush green hillsides, ponds, streams, and forests. Learn more about the farm rental on their website, and call (859) 623-0807 to plan your visit.

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