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3 Tips for Selling a Home in the Fall September 26, 2019

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3 Tips for Selling a Home in the Fall, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Although spring and summer tend to be the busiest times of year for the real estate market, you can be just as successful when selling a home in the fall. Since there are fewer listings to compete with, yours has a better chance of drawing interest from buyers who are hoping to move and get settled before the holidays. However, there are a few steps you should take to ensure your property stands out this time of year. Here are a few tips to help secure a quick sale and maximize your profit.

How to Prepare for Selling a Home in the Fall Market

1. Make Sure There’s Adequate Lighting

The days are getting increasingly shorter in fall, which means you may run out of sunlight for evening showings. Thus, it’s crucial to make sure your home has adequate lighting for buyers to see all of its features both inside and outside. Keep the blinds and curtains open during the day to bring in natural light, switch out your light bulbs with new ones so they’re as bright as possible, and add lamps to rooms that seem dim. You should also illuminate outdoor walkways.

2. Work on Your Curb Appeal

selling-a-home-Kannapolis-NCCurb appeal plays an integral role in selling a home, as it provides potential buyers with their first impression of the property. Fall can be a messy time of year for yards, so be sure to clean out the gutters, rake the leaves, remove fallen tree branches and other debris, mow the lawn, and clean the windows. If your exterior looks drab, consider a fresh coat of paint on the door and putting flowerpots on your porch to add some color.

3. Create a Cozy Interior

As the temperatures get colder, you want to make sure your home is warm and inviting to buyers. Seal the doors and windows to eliminate drafts, have the fireplace cleaned and inspected to start using for fires, and set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature. This will also help show the HVAC system is in optimal working condition for the upcoming winter season.


If you’re interested in selling a home this fall, partner with Amber Lube, Keller Williams Realty Concord/Kannapolis for expert real estate advice and representation. She’ll ensure your listing is priced appropriately for the season and provide effective marketing solutions to give you an advantage over the competition. Offering years of experience, her office has helped many homeowners in and around Kannapolis, NC, achieve their selling goals. Call (704) 577-5966 to connect with Amber, or reach out to Leaurel Lube at (704) 467-0685. To find out what your property is worth, visit their website for a custom home evaluation.

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