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Do's & Don’ts of DPF & DOC Cleaning October 3, 2019

Do's & Don’ts of DPF & DOC Cleaning, Henrietta, New York

The diesel particulate filter, known as DPF, and diesel oxidation catalyst, or DOC, are crucial to the smooth operation of your truck and to maximize its fuel efficiency. Routine cleanings of these two components should be part of your regular truck service and maintenance. In the overall workings of your vehicle, the DOC protects the DPF by trapping particulates and debris from the exhaust before the exhaust is routed through the DPF. To help you know when these two elements of your truck need cleaning, bear the following do’s and don'ts in mind.


Clean them at least every 200,000 miles.

At a minimum, aim to clean the DPF and DOC every 200,000 miles. Add this task to your 200K truck service checklist. This should also include oil and fluid changes, tire assessments, new brake pads and shock absorbers, and inspections of all hoses, belts, and fuel lines. If you frequently haul heavy loads, you'll likely want to clean the filter and catalyst more frequently.

Recognize when the DPF and DOC need cleaning.

Between routine truck service, a vehicle will typically signal if a DPF or DOC cleaning is in order. There will be a noticeable decrease in engine performance and an uptick in the number of regeneration cycles. These are clear signs that the engine is working overtime to generate enough heat to clear soot and debris from the DPF and DOC.


Forget the legal and environmental importance of DPF and DOC cleaning.

You might think that neglecting to clean a truck's DPF and DOC only affects your own vehicle, but there are laws in place that regulate diesel emissions. Ultimately, this is an issue that affects all drivers on the roads and the safety of the air in the environment. Reducing the amount of particulate matter emitted into the air is the responsibility of every truck driver.

Do it on your own.

truck serviceHire a professional truck service to tackle your DPF and DOC cleaning. This is an intricate job that an expert can handle with skill and efficiency. You'll be sure to reap the benefits of professional work, such as increased fuel economy, fewer regenerations, improved horsepower, and better engine performance.


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