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How to Take Care of Your Carpeting During Sports Season October 9, 2019

Dalworthington Gardens, Arlington
How to Take Care of Your Carpeting During Sports Season, Arlington, Texas

Carpets and rugs can withstand heavy use. But if friends and family come over to watch the game at your home, expect the fibers to accumulate more dirt, debris, and grime than normal. If your kids participate in sports this time of year, that also exacerbates the situation as they will track in mud from the field. Besides carpet cleaning, utilize the following methods to keep your floors looking their best this fall.

How to Keep Your Carpets and Rugs Clean

  • Use a Welcome Mat: Place a sturdy, high-quality rubber mat at your front door. The mat will take off much of the dirt from everyone's shoes and absorb puddles after rainfall. 
  • Take Shoes Off: Encourage a no-shoes zone inside your home to eliminate rogue dust, soil, and other particles from settling into your carpets. Have an area where guests can leave their footwear and put out slippers that they can use instead.

  • Vacuum Regularly: Vacuum twice a week, especially after you have had guests over so that dirt doesn’t have time to settle. This schedule might need to increase if you have pets.

  • carpet cleaningTackle spills immediately: You might drink more beer and wine with friends during the game. However, refrain from letting spills and stains sit on the carpet for too long. Once they absorb into the fabric, it will be difficult to wash them off. Instead of scrubbing your carpet, use a moist, clean towel to blot the spot.

Why Opt for Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Even if you're diligently maintaining your carpets and rugs, they may still look dull and worn out, especially after hosting a post-game party at home.

One solution is to hire professionals for regular deep cleaning. This process helps get rid of trapped pollutants, contaminants, and allergens, which reduce indoor air quality. It eliminates dust mite infestations and prevents mold and mildew growth in your home. As a result, your carpets will look and smell fresher, and it will extend the life span of the flooring.


If you need regular carpet cleaning or help removing a set-in stain, count on Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning's trained technicians to get the job done. Since 1982, they have been providing high-quality services to residents in and around Arlington and Fort Worth, TX. Call (817) 265-9031 to get a quote or learn more about their 10-day guarantee online.

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