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3 Ways to Communicate Effectively When You Have Hearing Loss September 25, 2019

3 Ways to Communicate Effectively When You Have Hearing Loss, Groton, Connecticut

Whether you have mild hearing loss or use a hearing aid, it can be difficult to communicate well with others when you struggle to hear. Seeing a professional and discussing hearing device options is always advisable, but there are plenty of day-to-day steps you take to improve your relations with others. Here are a few simple ways to become part of the conversation again. 

Communication Tips For People With Hearing Difficulties

1. Tell Others You Have Hearing Loss

Most people will be sympathetic and understanding if you let them know you have hearing loss. Many will also be willing to change their behavior if you tell them how they can help you. Ask them to repeat details, speak more slowly, or write down important information if you've missed something. Also, ask family and friends to say your name and get your attention before speaking to you when you're in a large group. 

2. Control the Environment

A lot of communication is non-verbal, so it always helps to see faces clearly and observe body language. Reducing background noise and sitting in well-lit areas can help you identify facial expressions and even lip read. You should also try to face others when you're having a conversation with them.

hearing lossIf you're going to a public place where it's more difficult to control the environment, there are still steps you can take. For example, visit a restaurant during off-hours when it's likely to be less busy. If you're going to a business event, try to find out some details in advance, such as people's names or meeting agendas, to help you follow along. 

3. Try to Stay Positive

Communicating when you have hearing loss can be tiring and frustrating. However, you should always try to take enjoyment from conversations and maintain a sense of humor when possible. It also helps to remember that most people have some difficulties with communication, ranging from a lack social confidence to failing to pick up on what others have said even without hearing loss, so you’re not alone.


If you have hearing loss and would like to improve communication, County Hearing And Balance can help. Their team of licensed audiologists finds solutions using up-to-date technology from multiple brands. Having been in business for 40 years, they help restore full quality of life for their patients from Madison, CT, and the surrounding area. To schedule an appointment, call (203) 245-1950 or visit their website.

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