Downtown Henderson, Kentucky

4 Ways to Observe Falls Prevention Awareness Day September 20, 2019

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
4 Ways to Observe Falls Prevention Awareness Day, Henderson, Kentucky

September 23, 2019, is Falls Prevention Awareness Day, which raises awareness about preventing older adults from being injured because of falls. Learn some of the best ways to prevent your elderly loved ones from falling and hurting themselves. This annual observation is the perfect time seek in-home assistance for the senior in your life.

4 Tips for Decreasing the Risk of Falling

1. Make the Home Safer

Clutter and debris littering the floors of rooms and hallways are fall-inducing hazards. Move boxes, furniture, and decorative objects from high-traffic areas to prevent tripping. You should also remove loose rugs or tack them securely in place with double-sided tape. Move dishes and other daily-use items to lower cupboards to eliminate the need for step stools. Updating the lighting in the home may also be necessary to improve clarity.

2. Encourage Physical Activity

in-home assistanceExercise can help improve coordination, balance, and strength. It’s an excellent fall-preventative measure. Gentle workouts—walking, water aerobics, and simple stretches—are best for those at risk for falls. If you’re worried about potential falls, hire a physical therapist to guide your senior through exercise sessions. In-home assistance provides care to individuals who need supervision to remain safe in their residences.

3. Use Assistive Devices

When falls are a concern, start using assistive devices. A doctor may recommend a walker or a cane for everyday use. Other assistive home improvements include nonslip stair treads and handrails for stairways. In the bathroom, install shower grab bars or a shower seat. A raised toilet seat will make sitting easier for an aging senior. Hiring in-home assistance from a personal service agency help seniors perform everyday tasks.

4. Visit the Doctor

Your loved one may be at risk for falls because of certain health conditions, eyesight problems, or medication side effects. Make an appointment with the doctor to assess these issues. An eye doctor will adjust prescriptions, if necessary, and a general practitioner will review medications and suggest alternatives.


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