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4 Tips for Reducing the Financial Fallout of an Arrest in CT December 2, 2019

Downtown Hartford, Hartford
4 Tips for Reducing the Financial Fallout of an Arrest in CT, Hartford, Connecticut

Being arrested can have an enormous impact on your finances, even if you’re found innocent. If you can’t post the bail bond immediately, you might miss work or even lose your job while waiting for your court date, which most families can’t afford. Below are a few tips for minimizing the economic impact of your arrest in CT.

How to Minimize the Financial Costs of an Arrest in Connecticut 

1. Post Bail as Soon as Possible

Every night you spend in jail is time you can’t spend supporting your loved ones, who might struggle to make up for the lost wages. Some jails have pre-set bail schedules that allow you to post bail without spending a single night in jail.

2. Use a Bail Bondsman

bailEven if you have the cash resources available, using a bail bondsman is usually a better financial choice. Instead of using a portion of your savings or going into debt, a bail bondsman can secure your release for a relatively small fee.

3. Hire a Skilled Attorney

No matter what charges you’re facing, it’s always best to have a skilled attorney represent your interests. Even if the case doesn’t go to court, they may be able to negotiate a fair sentence with lower fines, which could make up for their fees.

4. Don’t Discuss Your Arrest

If word gets around about your arrest, your supervisors and coworkers might begin viewing you in a negative light. Even if you don’t have to serve a jail sentence, the arrest can cost you raises and promotions, potentially impacting your finances for years to come.

If someone you love has been taken into custody, trust the professionals at 3-D Bail Bonds to get them back home where they belong as quickly as possible. We proudly offer 24/7 service to defendants and their families throughout Connecticut, including Hartford County, with local agents spread throughout the state. Visit our website to find your nearest location, follow our Facebook for tips and news, and call (860) 247-2245 to speak with a bail agent at our Hartford office, across from the Correctional Center. To reach out New Britain location, conveniently located near the police station and courthouse, call (860) 229-2525, or dial (203) 562-6666 to get help in New Haven.

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