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4 Ways to Wear a Baseball Cap October 7, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
4 Ways to Wear a Baseball Cap, Jacksonville East, Florida

Among men's accessories, a baseball cap is one of the most expressive choices. In the past, baseballs caps were exclusively casual wear, but thanks to the variety of styles and materials available today, many men are branching out to wear it with a wider range of clothing. If you're looking for inspiration, here are a few new and classic ways you can wear your baseball cap.

Men's Accessories & Outfits to Go With a Baseball Cap

1. Beachwear

Men's AccessoriesWhile it's still warm enough to enjoy sun and sand, add a baseball cap to your T-shirt and swim trunks ensemble. Not only will it keep the sun out of your eyes, but the splash of color can help tie together an outfit, especially if it matches your summery shorts. Finish the look with tennis shoes or sandals.

2. Cool Weather

As the summer cools into fall, a hat will help you stay warm, but a winter beanie might be too hot. A baseball cap can bridge the gap. Pair it with a light jacket, a sweater, or your layered outfit of choice.

3. Streetwear

Another style for cool weather, this look is for a younger audience and comes off more casual. Match your cap with a hoodie or a graphic T-shirt and a pair of jeans. You don't need any other men's accessories to finish this look, but a dangling belt or a wallet chain can add character.

4. Business Suits

Formal wear likely isn't your first thought when you consider outfits that go with a baseball cap, but if you have a plain, well-made cap, you can pull this off. The key is mixing in multiple casual elements. Wear a T-shirt or a sweater under the jacket instead of a button-up, and choose sneakers instead of dress shoes.


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