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3 Household Appliances That Affect Your Septic System May 6, 2020

Waterloo, Monroe
3 Household Appliances That Affect Your Septic System , Waterloo, Illinois

Nowadays, many households own several appliances that simplify life. However, unlike homeowners connected to a municipal sewer system, if you rely on a septic tank to treat your home’s wastewater, you must be cautious with your appliances. Devices that generate large volumes of water or dispose of items down the drain will wreak havoc on your septic system. To prevent costly repairs or premature septic failure, you should adjust how you operate your appliances. Here are a few that will affect the performance of your system.

What Appliances Put Extra Stress on Your Septic System?

1. Garbage Disposal 

Having a garbage disposal makes life more convenient in the kitchen. However, you shouldn’t treat it as a trashcan. Grinding up leftovers and washing them down the drain will add to the sludge layer that forms at the bottom of your septic tank. The bigger this layer gets, the less effective your tank will be at treating wastewater. Extra solid waste increases the risk of clogs and the frequency with which you should pump your system. Use your garbage disposal sparingly, and be selective about what you put in it. 

2. Washing Machine 

Generally, the amount of water septic systemyour washing machine adds to the septic system with each load won’t cause problems. However, you should ensure you don’t have excess wastewater entering the tank. When this happens, it will lead to flooding in the drain field or backups in other plumbing fixtures. Too much water will also disrupt the process of separating solids, which means they won’t filter appropriately before moving through the tank and into the drain field. If you have quite a lot of laundry, do it over a few days so that you don’t overwork the system.

3. Hot Tub 

Few activities are as relaxing as a hot tub, but they will overload your septic system in the same way as a washing machine if you drain it directly into the tank or over the drain field. They also contain chemicals that interfere with the bacteria that septic tanks use to treat wastewater. Thus, you should drain a hot tub in areas a considerable distance away from your system. 


If you’re concerned about the health of your septic system, turn to J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning in Waterloo, IL. They offer high-quality maintenance solutions to help extend the life of your tank and can advise you on ways to use your appliances more responsibly. If you require a new installation or repairs, they have the training, knowledge, and experience necessary to deliver results your family can count on. Call (618) 939-3001 to request a job estimate, or visit them online for more information on their services.

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