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3 Signs Your Home Needs Power Washing Services October 14, 2019

Hampton Bays, Southampton
3 Signs Your Home Needs Power Washing Services, Southampton, New York

Power washing uses specialized equipment to push water to clean surfaces. The pressure instantly clears years’ worth of dirt, weed growth, and other buildups. If your home is due for a service, one appointment will transform the look of your space. Here are a few signs you’ll benefit from power washing.

3 Signs It’s Time for Power Washing

1. Green Growth

power washingMold and algae growth are particularly common after and during the humid season. These organisms can grow on your roof, siding, and patio surfaces. In addition to being unsightly, they trap moisture against your structures, which can cause water damage and destroy the underlying material or insulation. Power washing will remove these growths to prevent trouble.

2. Streaked Roof

Streaks are common on asphalt shingles. Black marks may point to an alga called gloeocapsa magma, which feeds on the limestone in the shingles. A professional can use power washing to remove that eyesore without lifting up the shingles or damaging your roofing materials.

3. Dull Deck

Over time, your deck can become dirty, which will take away from its vibrant color and conceal the attractive grain of the wood. Choose a spot on your deck and apply a wood cleaning solution with a scrub. If there is a visible change in color or shine, your deck needs a power wash. This is also helpful before staining or painting the area, since dirt could prevent the products from going evenly. 


The services by G.M. Painting & Power Washing will restore your home’s original beauty and take years off of its appearance. These licensed and insured contractors have served Long Island and New York City for over ten years. Whether you hire them for power washing or house painting, they use only state-of-the-art equipment for the best results. Follow them on Facebook for updates, visit them online to learn more about their work, or call (631) 255-5082 to schedule an estimate.