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3 Top Ways to Maintain Rain Gutters September 24, 2019

Lebanon, Warren
3 Top Ways to Maintain Rain Gutters, Lebanon, Ohio

As any professional roofer will tell you, rain gutters are essential if you want to protect your house and yard from water damage. Over time, though, they clog due to debris such as leaves and branches, increasing the risk of leakage and structural harm. To help you keep your home and family safe, here are the three best ways to ensure your rain gutters work effectively. 

How to Maintain Rain Gutters

1. Clean Them

To keep your gutters in excellent working order, thoroughly clean them out at least twice a year. Before you begin, make sure your ladder is sturdy, put on rubber gloves, and spread a tarp below your working area to protect your yard from falling debris. Then, remove detritus from the gutters using a gutter scoop, small gardening trowel, or your hands. Finally, flush the gutters and downspouts with your garden hose to remove any remaining debris. 

2. Inspect Them 

Whenever you clean your rain guttersgutters, you should also carefully inspect them. Check the gutters for any rust, cracks, or holes, and as you’re flushing out the remaining debris, watch for any leaks. Additionally, make sure that the water flows freely and efficiently from the downspout and that there are no pools of standing water once you shut the water off. Lastly, check for space between the gutters and your wall or fascia, as the spikes or hangers may have become loose and need replacement or resecuring.

3. Install Gutter Guards 

While cleaning and inspecting your rain gutter is always necessary, you can further protect your home by installing gutter guards. A gutter guard attaches to your gutter and prevents debris from entering, decreasing the chance of clogs. Instead of installing them yourself, though, hire a professional roofer; the roofer will ensure the gutter guards function properly.


If you’re interested in gutter guards or you need any other assistance with maintaining your gutters, contact the experts at Go to Guys Exteriors in Lebanon, OH. Serving the Greater Cincinnati area, they provide a variety of home exterior services including roof repair and replacement, siding installation, and window replacement. Each roofer on their trusted team approaches every project with precision and care, helping keep your home safe. Learn more about their services online, and call (937) 673-6760 to schedule a free estimate. 

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