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5 Signs Your Home Needs a Water Softener October 30, 2019

Wappinger, Dutchess
5 Signs Your Home Needs a Water Softener, Wappinger, New York

Many homes have hard water, which is when the water has an excess of minerals. Depending on where you live, you may need a water softener to combat the effects of this issue. If you notice any of the following signs, reach out to a professional.

How to Tell If You Need a Water Softener 

1. Dry Skin & Hair

Water that’s full of calcium and magnesium deposits won’t rinse your skin properly and may leave residue behind. These minerals will stay on your skin and in your hair, and your soap and shampoo won’t dissolve properly, leaving you feeling dry and itchy.

2. Scale Buildup

water softenerIf you see a buildup of limescale when you look at your faucets, showerheads, drains, or pipes, this could be an indication that you have hard water running through your home. The salts and minerals will stick to the surfaces of your plumbing equipment and appliances that use tap water.

3. Gray Laundry

Hard water will fade the color in your clothing, bedding, and towels when you wash them. Not only will they look grayish and dull, but they’ll also feel rough and scratchy as the mineral residue from your water gets caught in the fabric.

4. Streaked Glassware

When you wash dishes and glasses in your sink or in a dishwasher, the quality of your water will affect them. Hard water can cause permanent etching on glassware and dishware. If you have wine glasses, tumblers, and juice cups, they’ll dry with streaks.

5. Stained Bathtubs & Sinks

Hard water will leave behind dissolved minerals and metals when it evaporates in your tubs, showers, and sinks. If you notice filmy white stains that are difficult to get out and that keep coming back, you need a water softener.


When you need to install a water softener, contact The Water Source in the Hudson Valley, NY. They offer solutions that will ensure your home’s water is safe and tasty. Visit their website to browse their products and water care systems, and call (845) 297-1600 to schedule your appointment. Follow them on Facebook for updates and tips on maintaining clean water in your home.

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