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5 Boat Maintenance Tips for the Fall September 23, 2019

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5 Boat Maintenance Tips for the Fall, De Kalb, Texas

When boating season is over, and it is time to store your vessel during the colder weather, there are a few maintenance tasks to follow to keep your boat safe while in storage. Creating a checklist of necessary repairs and care will prevent damage when you attempt to head out on the water again. From checking alternators and starters to removing personal items, here are a few tips to keep in mind this upcoming season. 

How to Maintain Your Boat This Fall

1. Clean All Surfaces 

Give the entire boat a detailed cleaning before storing it for the season. This includes decks, topsides, and any windows on all levels. Do not forget to wipe down all surfaces and vacuum upholstery. If your boat has a canvas cover, give that a wash before placing it over your vessel. Finally, clean any storage or coolers that may still be in your boat.

2. Inspect Electrical Components

alternatorRemove any batteries and store them on a trickle charger during the colder months. Inspect the spark plugs, engine, alternator, and other components like the starter. Check on the shift cable, throttle cable, and all hoses and electrical connections. You should also look for any loose areas or signs of scorching. If there are weak spots, replace the components, and tighten those in working condition. Don’t forget electrical accessories like radios and sonar screens, and make sure the alternator is doing its job to charge the battery.

3. Service Fuel Systems

Change your engine filter and flush fluids like coolant and engine oil. Add antifreeze so that the components don’t suffer when temperatures drop. Replace with fresh oil to ensure that contaminated fluids are not sitting in your system all season long. Gas will break down when not in use, so it is a smart idea to add fuel stabilizer to your tank. You should then fill your boat with fresh gas.

4. Remove Personal Belongings

Make sure any personal items are removed, such as fishing gear, extra clothing, food, blankets, and first aid equipment. Leaving perishables on the boat will lead to critter infestations and damage. Other items like medications will break down and become useless if not stored properly in climate-controlled areas.

5. Arrange for Storage

Figure out where your boat will be stored and whether you are wet or dry-docking. Arrange for hauling and trailers if you do not plan to keep it on the water. If you decide to keep it in the water, make sure your spot in the marina is secured.

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