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3 Places to Put Security Cameras in Schools October 9, 2019

Sharonville, Hamilton
3 Places to Put Security Cameras in Schools, Sharonville, Ohio

Violence, theft, or other crimes occur in 79% of American public schools, meaning that there are approximately 28 crimes for every 1,000 public school students. These numbers shed light on the risks students and faculty face each day. Fortunately, security cameras can help deter crime and identify suspects. However, they need to be placed in the most advantageous spots to be effective. 

Where Should You Install Security Cameras in Schools?

1. Parking Lots

Cameras in a parking lot allow you to monitor what is happening around the school and can alert you to early warning signs of impending danger. Mount cameras in the lot itself and at the lot entrance and exit. This surveillance gives the school photographic evidence of who is spending time in the parking lot, the comings and goings of students, and all activity that is taking place in the immediate area.

2. Entrances & Exits

security camerasAll entrances and exits to the school should have security cameras in place. Don't limit cameras only to the main doors. In some cases, intruders may look to obtain entry via lesser-used access points, such as fire escapes, service entrances, and garage doors. Aim to be as vigilant as possible at every door, regardless of how often it is utilized or where on the property it is located.

3. Hallways

Hallways are bustling places, and it's virtually impossible for the teachers or students to keep an eye on everyone. Install cameras in each hallway of the school. Not only can you witness criminal activity, but you can better identify people who don't belong in the building in the first place.


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