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3 Reasons Your Toilet May Be Running September 23, 2019

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3 Reasons Your Toilet May Be Running, Kerrville, Texas

A constantly running toilet is not only loud and annoying, but it is also a clear sign that something is wrong with the unit. The running sound you hear is water filling the toilet tank. This is common for up to 30 seconds after flushing, but when it fills continuously, it's a red flag that you should call a plumber. To better understand this issue, below are a few common reasons toilets might continually run.

Why Your Toilet Won't Stop Running

1. A Broken Flapper

The flapper is the plug over the tank's drain hole. When you flush the toilet handle, the downward position of the handle lifts the flapper, allowing the tank to fill. When the handle is in the upright position, it plugs the drain hole and holds water in the tank. Most often, an endlessly-running tank is the result of a worn, cracked, or overly soggy flapper—all of which can occur naturally with age and regular use.

2. Water Level Problems

plumbersThere is a float that automatically shuts off the water when it reaches a certain point inside the tank. If the float is set at a level that is too high, water will constantly drain into the overflow tube, which sounds just like water running. You can often see this by looking inside the tank and checking the overflow tube, which is usually connected to the flapper. A plumber can easily adjust the water level of your float and remedy this problem.

3. A Chain That's Too Tight or Too Loose

The flapper links to the handle of your toilet via a chain. The chain needs just the right amount of room—not too much, not too little—to effectively hold the flapper in place. Too much can cause part of the chain to become caught in the drain hole, while too little can cause a loose seal; both of these scenarios produce nonstop running water.


Always contact a plumber to diagnose the cause of a constantly-running toilet. H2O Specialists have been serving property owners throughout the Kerr County, TX, region since 1999. Their plumbers offer a variety of water-related services, including toilet repair, water heater installation, bathroom and kitchen renovations, and water filtration system sales. Call (830) 895-7575 or visit them online to schedule service today.

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