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What to Know About Roof Maintenance October 3, 2019

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What to Know About Roof Maintenance, Kodiak Island, Alaska

When it comes to home renovations and repairs, most people have their sights on the interior of their home. However, a damaged roof can become a serious drain on your bank account if ignored. Bringing on a team of experienced roofing contractors can make this renovation simpler than you initially expected. The following guide can help you proceed with this essential process.

What Are the Signs of Roofing Issues?

Serious roofing issues are discovered when the damage starts to appear in other areas of the home. Look out for damaged paint, discoloration of your plasterboard, and failing wallpaper. Have a qualified roofing contractor inspect your roof at least twice a year, as this will allow you to catch cracked, warped, and missing shingles, as well as compromised roof flashing before they cause further damage.

What Can You Do If There Are Roofing Issues? 

Roofing contractors applying shingles onto roofHomeowners have two options in the event of roofing issues: replacement or repairs. In the first case, roofing contractors will completely remove your existing roof and install a new one. The second option involves having the contractor check and fix the specific problem areas, replacing shingles or patching as needed. In some cases, repair isn’t advisable depending on how many repairs have been done previously, so inform your contractor about previous work done.

What Roofing Materials Are Available?

With new roofing innovations coming to market, your selection of products, styles, material, and color are vast. Shingles can be as ornate as copper, or as modest as asphalt with many other different materials in between. Depending on how long you want your roofing to last, as well as other design considerations, consult with a skilled roofing contractor to discover what kind of roofing works best for you and your household. 


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