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Does Drinking Milk Really Help After Eating Hot Wings? October 17, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Does Drinking Milk Really Help After Eating Hot Wings?, Brooklyn, New York

When tearing into a pile of your favorite hot wings, your mouth can quickly become inflamed. If you’re unable to withstand the burning sensation of the delicious drumsticks, you might look for a source of relief. Unexpectedly, a glass of milk can provide you with the help you need in this situation. Below, learn why milk can relieve the pain of a burning mouth and what else you can do to settle your discomfort. 

How Does Milk Help Calm a Burning Mouth?

250While milk has been rumored to alleviate the uncomfortable sting of spicy foods, certified research has recently proven the fact. Milk’s abundant supply of the protein casein is sufficient at subduing the chemical called capsaicin that gives spicy hot wings their kick. Even skim milk has proven effective at dulling the effects of capsaicin despite its low-fat content.

How Else Can You Relieve Discomfort?

Milk may be the best at relieving pain from hot wings and spicy foods, but it’s not the only thing that can help. Sugar and honey will coat your tongue and counteract the heat, and the sweetness of milk chocolate can also ease the pain. Kool-Aid is surprisingly effective at reducing the sensation, especially the cherry-flavored variety.

Avoid carbonated beverages like beer and soda when eating spicy foods since the high-water content will only sweep the capsaicin around your entire mouth and exacerbate your pain.


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