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A Guide to Proper Braking Distance October 8, 2019

Oak Harbor, Island
A Guide to Proper Braking Distance, Oak Harbor, Washington

Most Americans drive every day without incident. However, they are still likely to get into a car crash once about every 18 years. One of the best ways to reduce your risk and protect your family is to make sure not to follow too closely behind other vehicles, giving you more time to stop under unusual circumstances. However, if the weather is bad or you haven’t had brake service performed on your vehicle recently, more care needs to be taken. The guide below offers advice for staying safer.

How to Calculate Braking Distance

Braking distance refers to the space you need to successfully bring your car to a complete stop. How much you need can be affected by several factors, including the speed of the car, road conditions, the grade of the road, and the type of braking system your car has. 

For instance, icy or wet roads can increase the distance you need exponentially, based on how fast you’re going. Gravel roads can make a difference versus smooth asphalt. With good road conditions, with good tires and brakes, the average stopping distance from 60mph is 240 feet.

brake serviceSigns Your Car Needs Brake Service 

Getting your brakes serviced regularly is an essential part of car safety and maintenance. There are several signs your brakes are in need of work that you should not ignore.

The first, most obvious sign is that the brake light on your dashboard will light up. You may hear squealing or grinding coming from the brakes. A metal-on-metal sound usually means your brake pads have worn out and need replacing.

If your car is wobbling or shaking when you brake, it could be a more serious issue with the brake rotors. And if you see any liquid leaking from the wheels, take your car in immediately. The brake fluid helps create hydraulic pressure, and if it is leaking, there may not be enough pressure to brake safely. 


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