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Why Vinyl Siding Will Help You Save During Winter October 21, 2019

New Canaan, Fairfield County
Why Vinyl Siding Will Help You Save During Winter, New Canaan, Connecticut

New England experiences some of the coldest temperatures in the United States, making insulation solutions essential once the colder months start drawing in. However, if you have quality vinyl siding, you may not need to use your heating system as much as you think. Here’s why switching to vinyl can increase your comfort and savings this winter.

How Vinyl Siding Insulates Your Home

Vinyl siding is a popular option in areas with colder weather specifically due to its insulating properties. Vinyl siding is available in two variants, standard and insulated. If you opt for the insulated variety, it’ll come with an energy-conserving layer of insulation. Insulated vinyl siding is so effective that government programs and energy codes consider it to be continuous insulation.

How It Saves You Money

sidingNormally, heat will escape from your home through the wall studs. Insulated siding, however, includes an extra layer over the wall studs, ensuring the warm air you pay for stays inside where it belongs. With insulation coating your house, less warm air is able to escape your home, and less cold air is able to get in. As a result, you no longer have to run your heating as high nor for as long to warm your home.

The energy savings that come from a new set of vinyl siding will start paying for your investment immediately. While non-vinyl options may save you money in the short term, your energy bills will increase substantially during the winter.



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