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3 Ways to Calm Anxious Dental Patients November 1, 2019

Elmsford, Westchester
3 Ways to Calm Anxious Dental Patients, Elmsford, New York

Going to the dentist is an essential part of taking care of one’s health, but many people have a fear of dental appointments. Dental assistant training can help prepare you for anxious patients. Here are some tips to calm patients when you graduate from dental assistant school.

Tips for Calming Nervous Dental Patients

1. Minimize Wait Times

For many fearful dental patients, anticipating the appointment creates as much anxiety as being in the dentist’s chair. Dental assistant training can teach you how to keep the office running efficiently so your patients won’t be sitting in the waiting room longer than necessary. Early morning appointment times, digital check-in procedures, and online payment options can all help with wait times.

2. Provide Distractions

Whether it means games for youndental assistant trainingger patients or coffee table books for adults, distractions can ease their anxiety. Televisions in the waiting room or mounted on the ceiling above the dentist’s chair can offer a welcome diversion before and during the appointment.  As you work toward your dental assistant certification, think about ways you might entertain your future patients.

3. Ease Pre- & Post-Visit Worries

Having a website that offers a virtual tour of the facility with pictures of dentists, assistants, and staff who work there can make nervous patients feel more comfortable before they arrive. When they leave, they may get anxious again if they’ve forgotten their followup instructions. Send them home with a printout of aftercare instructions to ease their worries.

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