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5 Tips on Preparing Your Home's Electrical Wiring for a Pet October 1, 2019

Gateway, Dayton
5 Tips on Preparing Your Home's Electrical Wiring for a Pet, Dayton, Ohio

Preparing your home for a new pet requires several steps, including purchasing food, setting up a bed, and picking out toys. Because of this, you may forget about your electrical wiring. Cords and appliances are of great interest to furry friends, and you should be aware of the potential dangers. Before you have to call a residential electrician to repair the damage done by a curious pet, try following these cautionary tips.

How to Protect Your Pet & the Home’s Electrical System

1. Elevate and Tie Cords

Loose cords are an enticing toy in the eyes of a new pet, so you should keep them out of the way. Drape longer cords over bookcases and dressers, tuck them behind and underneath couches and rugs, or tie them up to keep them out of sight and reach.

2. Keep Electrical Appliances Away From Water

Cats often enjoy jumping onto residential electriciancountertops, and this is dangerous if you keep electrical appliances close to the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom. Store items like toasters, water kettles, curling irons, and hair dryers in cabinets when they’re not in use.

3. Brush on Pet Deterrent

If your pet is still particularly drawn toward electrical cords, help prevent chewing and gnawing by brushing on a poor tasting substance. Purchase products like bitter apple spray, or find something you already have at home, such as lime juice.

4. Use a Drip Loop

When installing aquariums, always create a drip loop to prevent water from rolling into electrical sockets. A drip loop is a term for letting the cord hang below the outlet, so if condensation drips down it, it won’t reach the outlet. Allow a little slack in your wires, and they will not be flush with their socket. Contact a residential electrician if you’d like to install more convenient outlets higher in the wall.

5. Be Mindful of High Heat

Areas with several cords together, such as behind a television or computer, will attract pets who want a warm spot to nap. This behavior poses a threat to both the home and your pet.  The devices could overheat and burn your furry friend, or worse, start a fire in the house.


Avoiding accidents is much easier once you walk through your home and pet-proof each room. If you need a residential electrician to visit your home in or near Dayton, OH, Bonham Electric, Inc. is happy to help. Visit their website to view a full list of services provided, including fuse box replacement, complete house rewiring, and outdoor lighting installation. Call (937) 233-7662 to schedule your appointment. For updates and electrical tips, follow them on Twitter.

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