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3 Design Ideas to Make Artist Business Cards Stand Out October 31, 2019

Palolo, Honolulu
3 Design Ideas to Make Artist Business Cards Stand Out, Honolulu, Hawaii

As an artist, professional business cards can help you showcase your talents and make a favorable first impression with potential clients. To provide some inspiration, here are three ideas to make your cards stand out and land you more opportunities.

3 Ideas for Eye-Catching Artist Business Cards

1. Include a Sample of Your Work

Including your best work on the card will not only capture the attention of potential clients but also showcase your skills and establish your brand identity early on. However, avoid anything that will make your card look overly busy or cluttered, as this can distract from the pertinent information. A double-sided card is a perfect solution: you can include relevant contact information on one side and your artwork on the other.

If you can’t decide which piece to feature, make two or three different cards. You can then let recipients choose the design they prefer, which will make them more likely to remember your work.

2. Choose a Durable Material

business cardsAn important yet often overlooked factor is the strength of your business cards. While a heavier duty card will cost more upfront, it’s worth it to have a quality card with a better life span. Stronger paper is also better for color retention, making your artwork pop and preventing fading over time.

3. Design Outside the Box

Business cards are typically printed in 3.5-by-2-inch rectangles. An easy way to distinguish your card is to alter its shape, with possibilities ranging from squares and hexagons to circles and triangles. You can then tailor the shape to perfectly crop around a piece, or even come up with new art exclusively for your card’s frame. Just keep its overall length and width around the same size as the average business card to ensure it’ll fit in the average wallet.


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