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4 Reasons to Consider International Travel to the Floating Markets in Thailand September 30, 2019

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4 Reasons to Consider International Travel to the Floating Markets in Thailand, Pittsford, New York

International travel is a chance to explore the communities and customs that exist outside of your everyday life. If you can’t decide where you should visit for your next vacation, consider booking a trip to Thailand and checking out their famous floating markets. These boat vendors have a lot to offer you, including memories that you’ll keep after you come home. Below, learn why a trip to Thailand is the perfect vacation spot. 

Why You Should Consider Visiting the Floating Markets in Thailand

1. Try the Local Food 

If you select Thailand as your international travel destination, you can certainly find plenty of delicious food to eat all over. However, eating at a floating market is a unique experience. When you begin to feel tired while browsing the items for sale, you can sit down on the water for a meal of tasty dishes like papaya salad, fried rice, or chicken skewers.

2. Learn the History

international travelFloating markets continue to play an important role in the lives of the people in Thailand, as well as in their economy. Beyond that, they are a representation of ancient times. When the majority of trading and selling was done by rivers, those transporting goods could easily make their way through the country due to the water passages.

3. Bring Back Souvenirs

As a visitor to the country, you’ll find inexpensive goods at floating markets that you can bring home as souvenirs. Items that are common to locals will serve as the perfect reminder of your international travels. You can give them to friends and family while telling them stories of your adventures.

4. Absorb the Culture

Behind the food and other goods are the people selling them. Floating markets allow you to get a sense of the way of life of the local community. You’ll see locals interacting all around you, whether they’re in the middle of a serious bargain or laughing and enjoying the day with family and friends.


If you’re interested in visiting Asia, taking a trip to the floating markets of Thailand is a must. Town & Country Travel, located in Pittsford, NY, is happy to provide you with assistance planning your international travel. Visit their website to browse destination options, vacation specials, and cruises to countries all over the world. To speak to a travel advisor, call (585) 381-2850. Call their toll-free number at (800) 747-2850. For travel tips, updates  and deals, follow them on Facebook.

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