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3 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Growing Families October 9, 2019

Hopewell, Mercer County
3 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Growing Families, Hopewell, New Jersey

As the place where you prepare your meals, the kitchen is one of the most important places in your home. If your family is getting larger, your current kitchen might not be spacious enough to accommodate your future needs. As you plan a kitchen remodeling project to offer functionality for your growing household, you’ll want to pay close attention to these three areas. 

3 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Families

1. Open Floor Plan

Take your kitchen remodeling endeavors to a new level by making it a part of another room. Remove walls to allow your kitchen to merge with the rest of the house, increasing your space. Small children like to be able to see you and spend time with you. If your kitchen is connected to the family room or living room, you can still keep an eye on your children without making them come to the kitchen. 

2. More Counter Space or Island Addition

Kitchen RemodelingAs your family expands, you’ll soon have more people occupying the kitchen. You’ll need more space to place food, cutting boards, and other items. Consider adding an island to your kitchen to provide more surface for eating, doing homework, or simply hanging out. More counter space is also beneficial, depending up the design of your kitchen. Families like to gather in kitchens, which can create traffic jams and disrupt the flow of cooking and food prep. Keep this in mind as you design and plan gathering areas away from the cooking areas to prevent complications later. 

3. Install a Pantry

A pantry is a must for growing or larger families. A space dedicated to the storage of dry good and canned foods makes family life easier. It lets everyone can find what they need without rummaging through cabinets and drawers. It also makes it more convenient for everyone to help unload groceries after shopping trips.  



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