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3 Tips to Maintain Your Retractable Awning This Fall October 11, 2019

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3 Tips to Maintain Your Retractable Awning This Fall, East Rochester, New York

Retractable awnings offer a host of benefits to homeowners by increasing their usable outdoor space and providing a comfortable place to relax. However, to fully reap these benefits, you need to keep your amenity in top-quality condition. As the seasons change, these responsibilities shift, as well. The following guide will help you keep your awning in perfect shape this fall. 

3 Ways to Keep Your Retractable Awning Pristine During Autumn

1. Clear Off Debris

While autumn leaves make for beautiful foliage, they pose a risk to your retractable awning. If left to gather, these pieces of debris can put too much weight on the fabric, as well as increase the risk of a pest infestation. This could lead to holes. To avoid this issue, opt to clear away any fallen twigs, leaves, and miscellaneous items at least twice a week. 

2. Eliminate Water Accumulation 

retractable awningIt’s common for the fall season to include significant rainstorms as the weather changes. As such, preventing water buildup is especially crucial during this time of year. If the fabric becomes wet and is then retracted, you face an increased risk of mold and mildew. The best way to prevent this problem is to retract the awning before any predicted storms. If you can’t retract it in time, allow the fabric to dry before rolling it back up. 

3. Lubricate the Hinges

As the weather gets colder and there’s increased moisture, it’s more likely that the hinges on your retractable awning will begin to rust and get stiff. Try to lubricate all the metal components at the beginning of the fall before the temperatures begin to drop significantly. This will help to prevent any damage before the cold weather hits. 


If you need help maintaining your retractable awning this fall, turn to the professionals at Patio Solutions. Based in East Rochester, NY, these contractors have been providing top-quality installations, sunroom aid, and repairs for residents in the area since 1982. Visit their website to learn more about their services, and call (585) 385-9999 to schedule an appointment today. 

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