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4 Items You Should Not Flush Down the Toilet September 27, 2019

Edgewood, Kenton
4 Items You Should Not Flush Down the Toilet, Edgewood, Kentucky

Bathrooms are the one room in your house that always needs to be clean and accessible. A clogged toilet or drain can be inconvenient and unsanitary. With this in mind, plumbing contractors encourage clients to embrace healthy habits when it comes to flushing. Here are a few items that should always get tossed in the trash to avoid the need for emergency drain cleaning or toilet repair. 

What Shouldn’t You Flush Down the Toilet?

1. Cat Litter

When you keep a litter box in your washroom, it’s tempting to dispose of used litter directly into your toilet. Unfortunately, litter is designed to dehydrate cat waste. As such, the droppings and the litter grains are both insoluble waste that can build up in your system and result in the need for professional drain cleaning.  

2. Cooking Grease

In liquid form, flushing cooking grease or pouring it down your sink seems like a quick and efficient way to dispose of this fluid. However, when grease cools down, it solidifies into a thick sludge and clogs your pipes.

3. Floss

Drain Cleaning Northern Kentucky, KYPlumbers often discover long strands of floss during the drain cleaning process. These strands tend to latch onto and wrap around pipes, creating nets that catch additional debris and ultimately cause clogs. 

4. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes and other sanitary products that are advertised as flushable do not disintegrate at the same rate as toilet paper. When flushed with frequency, these products create the need for drain cleaning to eliminate blockages and the buildup of paper waste. Thus, plumbers remind clients to stick to flushing toilet paper and human waste only. Baby wipes, paper towels, and other paper materials should be tossed in the garbage can. 


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