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Your Guide to Picking the Perfect TV Size September 23, 2019

Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln
Your Guide to Picking the Perfect TV Size, Lincoln, Nebraska

Shoppers and salesman alike will often say "bigger is better" when it comes to electronics, but this may not be the case for your living situation. Maybe you want an immersive viewing experience that makes your room feel like a movie theater, or perhaps you want a moderately sized screen to fit into your cozy area. No matter what viewing experience you're looking for, you can't choose a TV without regarding the space you have first. Before buying one of these essential electronics, consider this guide to pick the right size.

How Far Away Will You Watch?

electronicsThink about where you'll be sitting while watching TV. If your couch is far away, you’ll probably want a bigger screen. However, if you’ll be sitting much closer, a large screen will overwhelm your vision and make your viewing experience worse. You can use a viewing distance calculator to determine the proper screen size based on how far away you plan to sit. Measure the distance from your seat to the TV in inches and multiply that by 0.84 to find the ideal screen size.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Once you've decided where to put your new TV, measure the height, width, and depth of that area. There may be space limitations due to the size of your entertainment center or the amount of available wall space if you intend to mount it. When shopping, match your space measurements with the size of the whole TV, not just its screen, to make sure it will fit.

How Wide Is Your Stand?

If you don't want to mount your TV on the wall, your electronics stand will determine how much space your TV will take up on your console. Because many new TVs have stands that go as far as the edges, it's important to know that the space where you plan to place the TV will be big enough to accommodate the stand. Remember that TVs are designed to rest on a flat surface. While it may seem safe to let the corners overhang, this could send your console toppling over.


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