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How Do You Know If Your New Home Has Had a Chimney Fire? September 23, 2019

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How Do You Know If Your New Home Has Had a Chimney Fire?, Kernersville, North Carolina

Chimney fires are a potential threat to the safety of your home. When chimney fires occur, they create pathways for carbon monoxide to enter the home, potentially leading to a house fire. To avoid these issues as a new homeowner, here are three key signs of a prior fire incident and the importance of a proper chimney inspection.

3 Signs of a Chimney Fire

1. Cracks in the Masonry

Despite its sturdy appearance, a chimney’s brick masonry is vulnerable to excessive heat damage. During a chimney fire, mortar joints and brick can crack, creating pathways for heat and fire to enter the home. Although cracks are sometimes hard to notice, smoke escaping from unusual parts of the masonry may be a sign that they’re there. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may be able to negotiate the chimney repairs into the cost of your new home.

2. Puffy Creosote

chimney inspectionCreosote is a mix of the byproducts of wood-burning, typically a tar and soot combination.  If a slow-burning chimney fire has occurred as the result of high temperatures or a stray spark, there may be creosote build-up in the chimney. As it burns, the deposits expand and leave behind a puffy residue. You can recognize creosote by its sticky, tar-like appearance. Without a proper chimney inspection, creosote will block airflow in the chimney, potentially leading to another, more severe chimney fire. The chimney sweep will analyze the structure of the chimney as well as the materials used to fuel the fire.

3. Roof Damage

A chimney fire may cause damage beyond the chimney itself. Keep an eye out for roof damage or residue, such as warping or creosote deposits on the roof. If there’s a satellite dish near the chimney, check for signs of damage such as soot build-up.


If you notice any of these signs before purchasing a home, contact the professionals at The Chimney Sweep in Kernersville, NC, for a thorough chimney inspection. Since 1980, this reputable chimney sweep has specialized in everything from chimney cleaning to inspections and maintenance. From removing soot to analyzing chimney structure to addressing birds in your chimney, they’ll ensure you can breathe easier in your new home. To schedule your chimney inspection, give them a call today at (336) 993-8999 or visit them online for more information.

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