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3 Commercial Projects That Need Excavation September 27, 2019

Ogema, Price
3 Commercial Projects That Need Excavation, Ogema, Wisconsin

If you’re constructing a commercial building, excavation will likely be part of the site preparation. Once the structure is finished, you may never think of hiring an excavating contractor again. However, below are some instances when you need to have an expert move and grade dirt on your personal or professional property.

What Projects Require Excavation?

1. Underground Utilities

Installing or upgrading underground utility lines for gas, electricity, water, and the Internet requires excavation, depending on your service provider. An excavating contractor will dig trenches—long, narrow ditches—where people from the service company can safely work on installing, fixing, or removing the lines.

excavation Ogema, WIIf done incorrectly, trenches can collapse and trap workers inside. Hire a licensed excavation company to ensure that the soil is stable and kept in place while work is ongoing. They have the equipment and expertise to dig the right width and depth.

2. Land Clearing

When you’re planning to expand your operations and build another structure on your property, know that you’ll require excavation services to clear out the land. It prepares the site by removing obstructions or debris and digging the soil for a strong foundation. An experienced excavating contractor will help you ensure that what your building's foundation is stable for years to come.

Land clearing is also a way to identify the soil composition, hardness of underground materials, and possible obstacles underneath. Some excavators even find discarded storage tanks and abandoned pipes that could have caused serious issues if not found earlier. 

3. Drainage & Erosion Control

Excavation companies know all about soil—its composition, characteristics, and qualities which make it good or bad dirt. If you want to improve your property’s drainage and erosion control, they can give you a bit of sound advice on what and where to build.

For instance, you may want to have a better-looking landscape on your property, but it only runs flat. Excavating and grading the soil allows for improved water runoff and movement, without causing too much soil erosion. An excavation contractor will help in ensuring that some areas of your landscape receive the right amount of water by draining the excess. Moreover, they’ll assist in digging for water features like fountains and ponds, as well as creating retaining walls.


For quality excavation on your project, turn to the professionals at Jeff Simek Construction Company. They are the trusted excavating contractor in Ogema, WI, providing site development, grading, trenching, and land clearing services in and around Price County for almost 30 years. Their licensed professionals can help evaluate your needs and provide services to fortify your property and improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping. View their gallery of past work online or call (715) 767-5295 to request a project estimate.

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