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How Do Trees Affect Your Septic Maintenance? September 24, 2019

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How Do Trees Affect Your Septic Maintenance?, Brady, Michigan

If you rely on a septic system, you need to be careful about what you plant in your yard. Landscaping can be beautiful, but what’s happening underneath the ground can harm your home’s vital plumbing system. Trees near your tank or drain field can cause severe problems for your septic system that are costly to fix and can result in unsanitary conditions in and around your home. Here's why they're an issue, and what septic maintenance professionals recommend to keep your system safe.

What Your Septic Service Wants You to Know About Tree Roots

Tree roots grow downward and outward through the soil to find nutrients and water. When they find a source, they grow in that direction, and as they expand, they push the surrounding material apart. When they grow through something rigid, like rock, they can completely crack it apart over the years.

Septic MaintenanceYour septic system is a vibrant, steady source of both water and nutrients. Tree roots will seek it out if they're allowed to grow anywhere close to it. Then, just like the rock, they'll creep in through joints and openings in your pipes, clogging them, and then break them apart.

How to Avoid Septic Maintenance Problems Due to Tree Roots

Figure out exactly where your septic tank and drain field are. Have a professional mark the area and then don't plant any trees or shrubs in the vicinity--only small, shallow-growing plants like grass and small flowers. You can plant trees further away if you want, and a good rule of thumb is that the roots will reach as far as the mature tree is tall, so check how tall that species of tree gets and plant it at least that far away from your septic equipment. If there are trees too close, you may need to remove them or have a root barrier installed to prevent significant damage.


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