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Should I Use Polished Concrete or Epoxy for Commercial Flooring? October 8, 2019

New York, Bronx
Should I Use Polished Concrete or Epoxy for Commercial Flooring?, New York, New York

Selecting the right type of flooring for your business is important. Not only does it affect the aesthetic quality of your space, but it also dictates how much maintenance your property will need. Among the most common materials for commercial settings are polished concrete and epoxy resin. If you’re trying to pick between these two options, here’s a guide to both of them to help you make an informed decision. 

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy is often used to top off a concrete surface. This material is made of a resin and hardening agent that are blended, creating a surface that resembles plastic. After a contractor pours this option in multiple layers, they leave it to sit and harden. 

polished concreteEpoxy resin doesn’t hold up well if it’s exposed to heavy pieces of equipment. As a result, you may want to avoid it for an industrial or commercial kitchen setting. Cleanup is relatively easy, since you can remove dirt through mopping or sweeping. Since epoxy is porous, cleaning spills immediately is essential for preventing stains and structural damage. With proper care, it can last for up to five years before it begins to flake off.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is popular both for its attractive appearance and speedy installation. Before your flooring contractor begins, they’ll inspect the surface for signs of damage or remove existing paints to create a smooth foundation. After the concrete is applied, they’ll use a grinding machine to flatten the material until it’s even. The final step is to polish the concrete. A contractor can customize the sheen left on your flooring based on the material they use to polish it. A 400-grit resin bond, for example, produces a light gleam. Anything upwards of 800-grit will yield a highly glossy finish. If you want to add color to your flooring, your contractor can pour a tint into the mix or apply a penetrative, water-based formula during the polishing phase.

Beyond looking high-end and contemporary, polished concrete is safe. An expert can treat this flooring with an anti-slip formula for even greater traction, preventing falls. Concrete is also exceptionally strong, and won’t dent or crack even with heavy equipment like stoves, forklifts, couches, and other furniture. You can mop this surface for easy maintenance. A contractor can also rebuff it to add more shine after a few years. With regular care, this gleaming flooring lasts up to a decade.


For polished concrete flooring for your business, turn to O’Connor’s Carpet Center in the Bronx, NY. Serving clients throughout New York City, lower Connecticut, and New Jersey, this company proudly offers a wide range of flooring solutions, including polished concrete, vinyl tile, carpet, and sheet linoleum. Visit them online to find out more about their services, or call (718) 409-2020 to get started.

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