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Remodeling Your Home? 4 Electrical Upgrades to Include September 26, 2019

Normal, Ashland
Remodeling Your Home? 4 Electrical Upgrades to Include, Ashland, Kentucky

If you’re remodeling your home—replacing the flooring or retiling the bathroom—electrical upgrades should be part of your plan. Besides providing a more dependable supply of power to your home, upgrades make homes safer and more secure. Here are a handful of improvements you should consider asking an electrical contractor to make. 

4 Electrical Upgrades to Include in a Remodel

1. Update the Breaker Box

Outdated panel boxes have only so many circuits and fuses. In order to supply adequate power to modern appliances and devices, upgrade your breaker box, especially if you live in an older home. Doing so will put an end to flickering lights, power surges, and blown fuses. 

2. Ground Outlets 

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) automatically shut off the power supply if moisture comes in contact with plugged-in electronics or appliances. During a remodel, have an electrical contractor replace existing outlets with grounded ones to reduce the risk of fire and electrocution. 

3. Install New Wiring 

electrical contractorThe average life span of a home’s electrical wiring is  25 to 40 years. Once it nears or surpasses this age, wires tend to become worn and frayed, posing fire hazards. Install new wiring during your remodel to boost home safety and electrical system efficiency. 

4. Add Outlets 

If you rely on multiple power strips and adapters to provide power to washers, dryers, televisions, and computers, you likely need more outlets. Hire an electrical contractor to install them during your next home remodeling project.


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