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Why Is Breastfeeding Beneficial for Your Baby? June 26, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
Why Is Breastfeeding Beneficial for Your Baby?, Suffern, New York

During pregnancy, expectant mothers will plan for their newborn’s arrival. With the help of a midwife, you’ll determine whether natural birth is the right option for you. As these conversations develop and your due date approaches, the question of breastfeeding and nutrition is also likely to become a priority. Here is what you should know about breastfeeding so you can better lay out your plan for pregnancy and early motherhood. 

Understanding the Benefits of Breastfeeding

How Does Breastfeeding Impact Your Baby?

PregnancyBreast milk contains all the essential vitamins, fats, and nutrients your newborn baby needs to grow and thrive. Additionally, breastfeeding provides these nutrients in a fluid that is easy for your baby to digest, and filled with antibodies so it’s easier for your little one to fight off bacteria and other viruses. Studies have found that babies who are breastfed are less likely to develop allergies, asthma, Type 2 diabetes, or obesity. Breastfeeding can also improve your child’s cognitive abilities and brain development, which in turn may boost their social skills and emotional expression. 

What Benefits Do Mothers Enjoy from Breastfeeding?

Studies have found that mothers who breastfeed enjoy a wide range of psychological and emotional benefits including decreased stress, less anxiety, and a reduction in negative moods. This practice can also aid in maternal sensitivity and overall attachment between mother and child. Additionally, mothers can burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories per day when breastfeeding, so this option has the added benefit of helping you lose pregnancy weight. 



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