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Is it Important to Clip Your Dog’s Nails? September 25, 2019

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Is it Important to Clip Your Dog’s Nails?, Manhattan, New York

The wild ancestors of your lovable pet didn’t need regular dog grooming or nail trimming. However, most dogs today don’t walk enough on hard surfaces to wear their nails down naturally. Clipping your dog’s nails regularly is an important part of their overall health and comfort. This guide touches on why nail clipping is important and tips for keeping your pup calm as you clip their nails. 

Why Clipping Is Important Dog Grooming

Overgrown nails can get caught on rugs or uneven ground and break. This can be painful for the dog and, in serious cases, require a visit to the animal clinic. When your dog’s nails are overgrown for too long, the bones in their feet shift to relieve pressure on the nails. This in turn, puts pressure on the joints of the feet, making walking more difficult. 

Frequency of Clipping 

It’s time to clip your dog’s nails if their feet make a clicking noise because their nails hit a hard surface. They should be short enough to barely touch the ground as they walk. Your dog grooming schedule will vary based on the age and activity level of your dog. Typically, once a month is fine for adult dogs, though puppies need more frequent visits. Dogs with overgrown nails will initially need more frequent trims until the nails can be adequately shortened. 

Keeping Your Dog Relaxed 

Before trimming, acclimate your dog or puppy to the tools you will use. This can include letting them sniff the tools and gently touching their paws to them. Always reward them positively. If your dog is uneasy, try clipping one or two nails a day. Since dogs can sense anxiety, try to stay calm. If you’d prefer someone with more experience trim your pet’s nails, make an appointment with a dog grooming professional. 


For all your dog grooming needs in Manhattan, bring your pet to Pet Fashion and Grooming. From clipping to spa treatment, and even supplies and a doggy daycare, this Hudson Heights business has everything your furry friend needs. Each staff member is specialized in an area of pet care. Learn more about their services online or call (347) 726-9409 to schedule an appointment.

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