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When Should You Replace Your Locks? September 26, 2019

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When Should You Replace Your Locks?, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Living alone can be a liberating experience. However, it also comes with a price—you have to be extra cautious to make sure that you’re safe from home intruders. Here are three circumstances that should push you to consider having a locksmith change your locks for your own peace of mind.

3 Circumstances Requiring Lock Replacement

1. You’re a New Occupant

If you just moved into a house or an apartment that someone else used to occupy, have a locksmith replace the door locks. Even though former occupants would most likely turn over their key, you can’t be too sure if they still have extra copies or if they have friends or family members who might have keys. Your best option is to change the locks to make sure that only you have access to your home.

2. Your Key Got Lost

If you lost your key, call a locksmith right away to have your door locks changed. There is a possibility that the person who got your key might use it to enter your home. It’s impossible to get peace of mind when you know that there might be someone out there who could just be waiting for the right time to break into your house. 

3. There Was an Attempted Burglary

locksmithIf someone tried to break into your home, there’s a chance that that person might come back to finish the job. Have your lock changed immediately so that the burglar would start from scratch if they decide to return. In case of a successful break-in, it’s also best to have your locks changed right away as a broken door can further compromise your safety.


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