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3 Limousine Etiquette Tips September 23, 2019

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3 Limousine Etiquette Tips, Greensboro, North Carolina

Whether you’re going to the airport or an event, a limousine service ensures that you arrive at your destination in comfort and style. Here are three etiquette tips to keep in mind when riding a limousine to ensure a smooth and easy ride with the chauffeur.

What to Know About Riding a Limousine

1. Inform Them About the Number of Passengerslimousine service

It’s essential to inform the limousine service about the number of people in your party ahead of time. Though the company would understand last-minute changes, having this information allows them to better prepare for you. That way, they can dispatch the right size vehicle with the amenities you need. 

2. Learn How to Enter and Exit the Car

A chauffeur must open and close the door for you; it's part of their duties. Doing so by yourself might be mistakenly regarded as offensive, so let the chauffeurs do their job. When entering the limo, sit on the first seat near the door and slide your legs in. Once inside the car, scooch over to get to the place you want.

3. Don’t Get Rowdy

A limousine service aims for a pleasant journey, and chauffeurs often go to great lengths to accomplish this mission. However, make sure to not abuse or disrespect your chauffeur by cursing, shouting, or asking them to do things beyond their duties. Roughhousing inside the vehicle should also be avoided at it could compromise the safety of the passengers, the chauffeur, and pedestrians and other drivers.

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