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5 Ways Mirrors Can Be Used to Create Good Feng Shui October 7, 2019

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5 Ways Mirrors Can Be Used to Create Good Feng Shui, Seattle, Washington

Feng shui, which translates to wind and water, is a Japanese elemental practice that helps to promote good health in the home. Mirrors and custom frames have long been used as part of this art due to their reflective ability that can bounce energies around the space. Here are a few ways to incorporate mirrors into your home design in a way that will spread good energy and create a household that is positive and affirming. 

How Can Mirrors Be Used in Feng Shui?

1. Create a Whole View

Although tiled and fragmented mirrors have become a trendy design element, the effect they create is not very pleasing. Staring into these uneven lines and disjointed pieces will eventually cause you to see yourself in this same light. Instead, hang up mirrors that are intact and have complete custom frames. This will allow you to see your body and face as one piece and not as broken fragments.

2. Highlight Attractive Views

The image your mirror reflects should be one of beauty and positivity. Face them towards windows with views of the outdoors or walls that have an appealing or soothing color or pattern. This will spread the feeling of nature or happiness inside your home.

3. Light Up the Dark

custom frames Seattle, WAWith the correct placement, you never have to worry about dark, energy-absorbing spots in your home. After adding a custom frame to your mirror, align it, so that it reflects the light from a well-lit room into one that doesn't have a lot of natural sunlight. 

4. Widen Your Horizons

A small space doesn't have to feel stifling. Place a large mirror on a central wall in the room to make it appear much more spacious. However, avoid facing the entryway, the south side of the home, and in the bedroom, as you could attract unwanted energy. Also, consider using a flat, custom frame, so you can sit the mirror on the floor and allow it to take in the full scope of the room.

5. Double Up on the Good Energy

Mirrors reflect what they see, so you can use them to create more of what you love about your home. Want to see more books? Point your mirror towards a bookcase. Have you designed a photo wall of loved ones? Spread the love by adding a mirror to the opposite wall. 

After getting the precise mirror cuts for your home, contact Seattle Custom Framing about the perfect custom frames. Molly Boone-Jones is a certified picture framer with over 20 years of picture and mirror framing experience. Since opening in 2005, her team has provided Seattle, WA, with custom framing, mounting, laminating, and repair services. Call them today at (206) 838-7908 to discuss your project and budget, and visit their website to view their gallery of work.

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