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3 Reasons to Repave Your Asphalt Driveway This Fall September 18, 2019

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3 Reasons to Repave Your Asphalt Driveway This Fall, Dothan, Alabama

Maintaining your asphalt driveway is imperative if you run a commercial business. If it’s currently damaged or worn, it’s crucial to have a paving contractor repave the surface to prevent injuries to staff and visitors. Here are three reasons you should make this a priority and tackle it in the fall instead of waiting.

Why Repave Your Driveway This Fall?

1. Prepare for Your Busy Season

It’s possible that business picks up for you during the holiday season. If that’s the case, you’re bound to have more visitors. Repaving the driveway now will prevent injuries that might otherwise occur, either to people or vehicles. Potholes, for example, can spell danger for tires and transmissions. They can also pose safety hazards if people step into them. That might put your business in a position of liability for the injuries.

2. Make Sure It’s Ready for Winter

Dothan-AL-asphalt-drivewayAlthough winters in Alabama are fairly mild, it has been known to occasionally rain, sleet, and snow. Freezing temperatures are not completely out of the question, so it’s vital to protect the integrity of your driveway now by having a paving contractor smooth it out. Doing so will prevent moisture intrusion when it’s wet outside. Any water that enters a crack in the asphalt driveway could easily freeze and expand when the temperature drops, causing the surface to develop even deeper cracks. Repaving is an easy way to avoid this troubling cycle.

3. Improve the Property’s Curb Appeal

Whether it’s a busy period for your business or not, you must make sure that your property looks its best at all times. A repaved driveway gives your outdoor space a clean, finished appearance. That’s especially crucial during fall, when leaves tend to scatter all over the ground and create a bit of a mess. You don’t have to worry about pulling leaves from driveway cracks when the surface is smooth and refined. Blowing them away will do the job and leave your driveway looking its very best.

Business owners throughout Dothan, AL, and surrounding areas trust in the team at Midsouth Paving for all of their asphalt driveway needs. The paving contractors work on a wide range of major commercial projects, including site work construction, curb and gutter work, and sidewalks. Visit them online to learn more, or call (334) 712-7500.

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