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4 Kitchen Appliances You Need for Your First Apartment October 1, 2019

Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln
4 Kitchen Appliances You Need for Your First Apartment, Lincoln, Nebraska

Moving into an apartment for the first time is a major milestone. Part of being self-sustaining is being able to prepare meals for yourself. Rather than buying cooking appliances retail, a quality pawn shop will allow you to outfit your new kitchen with everything you need at a lower cost. Here are four items to make sure you get.

Which Appliances Should First-Time Apartment Owners Have?

1. Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is an excellent investment for first-time apartment owners watching their wallets. Instead of spending your money at coffee shops, you can easily brew your own every morning and savor each sip in the comfort of your new dwelling.

2. Toaster Oven

Especially if you have a small apartment, a toaster oven is convenient and space-saving. Use this device not just to bake a pizza, but to make a small batch of cookies or crisp a couple of slices of toast for breakfast.

3. Microwave

quality pawn shopIf your apartment doesn’t come equipped with a built-in microwave, you can easily find an affordable option at a quality pawn shop. Look for something that has fairly high wattage for greater efficiency. You can use it to heat up nearly anything—from water for hot cocoa to frozen meals to cans of soup.

4. Slow Cooker

A slow cooker makes a sensible choice when you don’t want to spend too much time cooking lunch or dinner. You can fill it with your ingredients of choice, set it to simmer before you leave for the day, and come back to a hot, fresh, and beautifully prepared meal.

You’ll find an extensive selection of kitchen essentials at Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE. This quality pawn shop puts your satisfaction first, which is why they offer their merchandise for fair prices. You can even trade-in your own items to the pawnbrokers if you need quick cash. They accept everything from electronics to musical equipment. Visit them online to browse their selection, or call (402) 477-5116 to speak with a representative.

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