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The Differences Between Ahi, Hamachi, & Salmon October 8, 2019

The Differences Between Ahi, Hamachi, & Salmon, Honolulu, Hawaii

Fish is the fundamental ingredient that gives sushi the fresh, savory flavor that seafood fans love, but there are many different types to choose from. From fresh tuna to salmon, each fish has a unique taste and texture that makes it ideal in a variety of dishes. This guide outlines what makes three of the most common sushi fish stand out.


Also known as yellowfin tuna, ahi is found in tropical waters around the world. It’s firm and possesses a mild flavor, with a dark pink to red color. It’s typically served raw, but you can also enjoy it seasoned and grilled atop a bed of rice. Many sushi and sashimi platters feature fresh tuna. Ahi poke is a popular Hawaiian dish consisting of cubed fish, rice, green onions, and other salty ingredients. If you like heat in your meals, try spicy ahi, which is diced fish with a chili-mayo sauce.


fresh tunaHamachi, which is sometimes referred to as amberjack, is native to the northwest Pacific Ocean. Its color ranges from white to pale pink. A favorite for many, this fish has a bold and somewhat tangy flavor, complete with a delicate, buttery texture. Due to its rich and complex taste, hamachi is best served fresh. Order hamachi sashimi or nigiri to properly savor the flavors.


Popular among sushi beginners and enthusiasts alike, salmon is an incredibly versatile fish. Although it’s farmed all over the world, this species is native to tributaries of the Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean. Served fresh, it typically has a bright peach to deep orange color. Salmon is prepared in a variety of ways worldwide. It takes well to being smoked, cured, grilled, or flash-frozen and served raw. Sushi is one of the more favored preparations, particularly in rolls.


If you’re craving fresh fish for your meal, head to Ahi and Vegetable in Honolulu, HI, for a variety of delicious seafood options. This restaurant is dedicated to providing quality fish, and their fresh tuna is sourced every morning from local markets. View their menu online, or call (808) 845-3500 to place a takeout order.

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