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When Can You Start Driving After a Hip Replacement? September 19, 2019

Raleigh, Wake
When Can You Start Driving After a Hip Replacement?, Raleigh, North Carolina

After a hip replacement surgery, allow yourself plenty of recovery time before you return to certain daily activities. When it comes to driving, the amount of time you need to wait before operating a vehicle may depend on your age or the specifics of your operation. Below, you’ll learn more about when it’s safe to drive again and whether you ought to hire transportation services.

How Long Should You Wait to Drive After a Hip Replacement?

As a general rule, you should wait at least four to six weeks before getting behind the wheel after hip replacement surgery. You may be able to return to driving sooner if the surgery was on your left hip and your car has an automatic transmission. However, make sure that you’re feeling up for it regardless of these suggested timelines, as recovery can vary depending on the individual.

How Does Age Affect Recovery Time?

transportation servicesWhile the four to six-week rule is usually a safe bet, patients under 70 often recover sooner. Many patients experience improved reaction times behind the wheel compared to their performance before the surgery. If you’re under 70 and feel ready to operate your vehicle before your official recovery period ends, contact your doctor to make sure it’s okay. 

When Should You Hire Transportation Services?

Regardless of how long your recovery time lasts, you should arrange for transportation services to get you around after your surgery. Rather than relying on friends and family to take you to appointments, stores, and other destinations, these professionals will bring you where you need to go in a safe, comfortable, and reliable manner. 


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