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5 Characteristics of a Quality Diamond September 25, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
5 Characteristics of a Quality Diamond , Manhattan, New York

Diamonds are investments with both high financial value and personal significance. If you’re purchasing a stone for yourself or a loved one, ensure you’re getting it from a trusted source and that its quality meets your standards. Here are the criteria experienced jewelry manufacturers use to gauge the value of a diamond.

The 5 Cs of Diamonds

1. Carat

The carat weight measures a diamond’s size on a point scale, with 100 points equaling one carat. While many factors influence the value of a diamond, carat weight typically has the most impact on price. Bigger isn’t always better, however, as a larger stone may have poor clarity or discoloration.

2. Clarity

The clarity of a diamond assesses the way light passes through the stone. It measures inclusions or flaws, which may be visible to the naked eye or minuscule. A flawless diamond is considered to have few to no minor surface blemishes, and no internal inclusions.

3. Colorjewelry manufacturer

The term “color” is misleading when it comes to quality, as diamond jewelry manufacturers rate the purest diamonds as those with the least amount of hue. The scale for diamond color is alphabetical starting with D, which represents absolute colorlessness, to Z, which indicates a yellow shade.

4. Cut

While there are various cuts available for diamonds, the measurement of cut quality refers to its angles and proportions. When a stone is cut ideally, the symmetry is immaculate, and light reflects from its facets to disperse through its top. A cut that’s too deep or shallow can affect the stone’s sparkle and significantly diminish its value.

5. Certificate

A final but important aspect when choosing a high-quality diamond is its certificate. Diamond labs offer certificates for stones that verify their quality. Jewelry manufacturers should be able to show these to customers upon request.


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