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4 Flossing Mistakes to Avoid September 18, 2019

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4 Flossing Mistakes to Avoid, Dothan, Alabama

There’s a reason why all dentists urge their patients to floss on a daily basis. While brushing is essential, daily flossing ensures that plaque and food debris are removed from between teeth and along the gum line. Flossing technique is also crucial to enjoy a bright, beautiful smile for life.

What Are Some of the More Common Flossing Mistakes?

1. Moving From Tooth to Tooth Too Quickly

While flossing quickly is better than not flossing at all, you want to ensure that you’re removing all plaque and food debris from between your teeth. Flossing is integral for removing plaque, which irritates the gums and increases your risk of tooth decay. Be sure to move the floss up and down the tooth as well as along the gumline, and repeat this process for each tooth.

2. Flossing Too Harshly

dentist-dothan-alUsing a harsh, aggressive manner while flossing can actually damage your gums. Instead, move the floss gently up and down the tooth and along the gumline. Watch out for things like gum recession, which occurs when the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth. This can increase sensitivity and may even lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

3. Stopping at the First Sign of Bleeding Gums

If you notice your gums bleeding while you’re flossing, chances are you’re in the early stages of gum disease. That doesn’t mean you should quit flossing altogether. In fact, this is a sign that you need to floss more. Bleeding gums is also a sign that you should schedule an appointment with your dentist for teeth cleaning.

4. Flossing Too Often

Along with flossing too harsh, flossing too often can also damage gum tissues. Dentists recommend flossing at least once per day for the greatest impact. Flossing at night is best since you won’t have to worry about plaque lingering on your teeth while you sleep.


If you live in Dothan, AL, and have questions about flossing, David A. Dauphin DMD is here to provide answers. His practice offers a range of essential dental care services, including teeth cleaning, crowns and bridges, and whitening treatment. If you’re pressed for time, they offer flexible scheduling to accommodate busy families. They also strive to create a pleasant and comforting office experience. Visit the website to learn more about their services, or schedule an appointment with a dentist today by calling (334) 794-3727.

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