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How to Mow Around Your AC Unit September 19, 2019

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How to Mow Around Your AC Unit, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

When you think about lawn maintenance, you probably don’t factor in your AC unit. However, overgrown grass and debris can impede the units function. To avoid AC repair, take a look at some steps to maintain the area around the unit.


Create landscaping to avoid mowing.

AC repairTo prevent AC repair, consider installing a flower bed around the base of the unit. Short, hardy flowers like petunias only reach a half foot; they won’t overtake the air intake vents. Roses aren’t great options as they frequently shed petals and may clog the ventilation. You can install gravel around the base to prevent overgrown weeds that could penetrate the system through its openings. 

Strategically angle the clippings. 

If you have a mower without a bag, angle its grass chute downward to avoid the AC unit. Review your owner’s manual because attachments vary. Since mowers last about eight years, you can invest in one with a bag if your machine is older. 


Leave the clippings on the casing.

Most people get some cuttings on the AC casing while mowing the lawn. It’s essential to remove these grass pieces, so spray the unit’s casing with a hose to remove debris. You’ll prevent AC repair from clogged internal condensers overheating. 

Forget to cover the unit.

First, turn off the thermostat inside the house. Second, find the power box near your outdoor unit and turn its main power switch off. Third, wrap your AC unit with a tarp and tightly bungee around it. After you mow, remove the cover, and you can switch on the thermostat and power module.


If you need AC repair from a lawnmower mishap, contact Walter's - Eaton's Electric, Plumbing, Heating & AC in Pierce County, WI. The experienced, licensed technicians have been in business since 1952, and they offer comprehensive HVAC services seven days a week. Call the company at (715) 273-5589, or visit their website for more information.

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